Unlimited Sports Group BV continues to grow with XL-ENZ


Amsterdam, 23 June 2014 – Within two years from now, Unlimited Sports Group BV (USG) will also be using the Reflecta Automation ERP fashionsoftware XL-ENZ. “In order to be able to continue to support all processes now and in the future and to achieve further growth, the decision has been made to use new, advanced ERP software,” explains Jerry George, CFO of USG.

No chances taken
“USG certainly took no chances. We first asked a third party to map out the business processes and to analyse the risks. When that was clear, we called in Reflecta for an extensive gap/fit analysis, whereby the primary processes were discussed and noted. USG and Reflecta have a long relationship – which even goes back to 1994. At that time, the USG subsidiary ‘Teamsport BV’ was still a relatively small company with one sports brand. Automation was relatively easy. In 2014, USG has now grown into a major player in the sport/fashion market with various B.V.s and retail customers throughout Europe and its headquarters in dynamic Amsterdam. All of this means that there are different demands on the software. On the basis of our requirements and wishes the decision has therefore been taken to choose the XL-ENZ enterprise software - which we believe is the best product on the market,” according to George.

Results in the past give confidence for the future
“The positive experiences with Reflecta in the past and the knowledge that is present in Reflecta in relation to our USG Brands’ business processes were important reasons for us to choose Reflecta again. In addition, Reflecta is a leading and innovative ERP software company with a great deal of experience in the sport/fashion wholesale sector. That also boosts confidence,” adds Alex Cruiming, Operational manager at USG. “The implementation is planned for next year. We have every confidence that Reflecta will also complete this project successfully.”