BOS GROUP migrates from RA-TRADE to XL-ENZ


We are proud that the Bos Group, one of the largest distributors and producer of renowned shoe brands in the fashion, sport and lifestyle segment in our country, has chosen to migrate from RA-TRADE to XL-ENZ of Reflecta after a very extensive ERP software selection process. Decisive for this choice is the knowledge and experience of Reflecta in the branch as application supplier and implementation partner, which shows itself in the many extensive and advanced functionalities in the XL-ENZ Fashion application.

Bos Group CFO Paul van Nieuwenhoven: "Reflecta is a leading and solid software company with many experienced people. After our selection process we again came to Reflecta, our ERP software partner with whom we have worked together successfully for the last 10 years. We are convinced that the chosen XL-ENZ Enterprise solution is the best in the market for us. Bos Group has a complex intercompany structure. Not only commercially and logistically but certainly also in the financial area the processes need to be optimal and reliable organized and supported in the software."

Bos Group ICT and ERP Manager Jauco Martens: "Bos Group is a fast growing organization with multiple branches (at home and abroad) and warehouses from which is delivered to a wide range of customers such as shop, retail chains and department stores. The efficient support of our company processes in both the Netherlands and Germany requires a thorough approach and a good information supply."